Kamis, 19 Juli 2007

Come to "Anju Net" Internet Cafe and enjoy the service

Hurrahs. It’s weekend today. Hihihi I am very happy at weekend time, you know why? Because my parents usually take me hanging out in Batam, especially to Malls or plazas. But from all, the most interesting place for me is only My Eldest sister of my mother’s “Internet Café” in Tanjung Piayu. For your information, My Maktua owns an Internet Café there. The name of the internet café is “ANJU NET”. Do you know where was the name of ANJU NET derived? It’s derived from the name of My Uncle’s son. He’s very handsome . Unfortunately My brother Anju does not stay here, but in Binjai together with my Grandfather and grandmother. I also like going to Tanjung Piayu because I have so many friends there, so I can play together with my friends. From all of my friends in Tanjung Piayu, there’s one boy who’s very naughty. He always runs after me and hits my back if I am catched. I do hate him, but I can do nothing as he’s bigger and taller than me. So if he disturbs me, I usually ask my Maktua to punch his head, hihihihihihi. By the way, I also like chatting and browsing from my Mak Tua Internet Café. The Internet connection speed is very fast. She applies for a 384kbps, and the internet charges is only 4000 per hour, so it’s really reasonable. For you guys who stay in Tanjung Piayu, you can give a try of the speed. Come to Anju Net and enjoy the service. I am sure that you will not regret to Browse and chat from Anju Net.

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