Kamis, 19 Juli 2007

Naomi's Daily Activities

Hello friends, I would like to explain my daily activities to you now. I usually wake up at 9 o’clock after then i will have my breakfast. After having my breakfast, my mother will take me to the bath room to have shower. As I am 1 year and 4 months old now, I cannot take shower by myself, hihihihihi So My mother is the one who helps me to take shower. After having shower, my father usually takes me to the first floor to play computer. He is good at computer I think. He teaches me so many things, but the most part I like from all is playing the game hihihihi. Yes, Star Devender is the best game for me. Although I don’t understand the whole part of it, but just press all the alphabets in the keyboard hihihihi. Getting bored playing games, my father will take me back to the second floor to watch the News in Television, it’s usually at 12.00 pm meanwhile my mother prepares my lunch. After having lunch, I always take a nap for around 2 to 3 hours. Then my mother will wake me up and asking me to drink milk. I usually drink milk five times a day. Ok then, as I am busy now, I will continue tomorrow, ok? Thanks

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erni nababan mengatakan...

hahahahahaha ini mah bukan kegiatan naomi sehari hari atuuu
tapi kegiatan mak naomi sehari hari
kasian delo, jangan bawa2 nama naomi lah. i ya kan nang boru hasian, gak papa kok tapi mantap, atur aja deh,bye naomi ( mamanya )muachhhhhhhhhh. tua cayank bangat sama naomi