Kamis, 26 Juli 2007

About Naomi

My name is Naomi Anggun Shalomita Siregar. My father, mother and all of my friends around me usually call me Naomi. I was born on Friday, March 30, 2007 through a Cesar Operation at 23:15 in Permata Hati Hospital in Batam. I thank to My Jesus Christ, because of His goodness, I was born safely and my mother as well. By the way, I was informed by my parents that my mother eldest sister also accompanied my mother when the operation was held. For this chance, I want to thank to my parents for taking a good care of me until now. Anyway, I am growing up now, one year and three months old. Probably all the visitors here get confused how could a one year and three months old girl can build a simple blog like this. Hihihi it really sounds strange but it’s true, stttt, I tell you now that My father is the one who builds this blog for me :P

Kamis, 19 Juli 2007

Naomi's Daily Activities

Hello friends, I would like to explain my daily activities to you now. I usually wake up at 9 o’clock after then i will have my breakfast. After having my breakfast, my mother will take me to the bath room to have shower. As I am 1 year and 4 months old now, I cannot take shower by myself, hihihihihi So My mother is the one who helps me to take shower. After having shower, my father usually takes me to the first floor to play computer. He is good at computer I think. He teaches me so many things, but the most part I like from all is playing the game hihihihi. Yes, Star Devender is the best game for me. Although I don’t understand the whole part of it, but just press all the alphabets in the keyboard hihihihi. Getting bored playing games, my father will take me back to the second floor to watch the News in Television, it’s usually at 12.00 pm meanwhile my mother prepares my lunch. After having lunch, I always take a nap for around 2 to 3 hours. Then my mother will wake me up and asking me to drink milk. I usually drink milk five times a day. Ok then, as I am busy now, I will continue tomorrow, ok? Thanks

Naomi's Hobbies

Hello friends, I don’t have so many hobbies, My hobbies are only Jumping up and down on my bed, then playing with my dolls together with my father and mother, after that browsing and surfing through Internet (for this hobby, my father and mother usually guide me). My other hobby is singing some new songs. I love to sing because by singing I can feel more relax. My mother is very good at singing, and I learn a lot from her. Do you want to listen to my songs? Wait ya, I will ask my father to record my voice then upload to my blog, so you will be able to download it from here, just wait for the time, and keep staying here to check. Thank you

Naomi's Home Address

Hi guys, before I forget to write my Home Address here, I would like to let you know about it. And if you just pass my home, please don’t forget to have a layover to my home . My Home address is at Perum Center Point Blok A1 No 1 Batam Center. By the way, do you want to know my home phone number as well? Ahhh no no, I am afraid you just drop me a miss call, hahahha and it really bothers me :P

Naomi's School

Dear friends, as I am only 1 year and 4 moths old now, so I have not registered my name to any schools in batam. But my parents promise me to enter a playgroup when I am 3 years old. And I will learn in playgroup for about 1 year. Graduating from the playgroup I will continue my study to Kindergarten School (junior class) and after that will continue to Senior Class. When I am 6 years old, my parents will register my name in one of primary School in Batam. Are you curious to know the school where I am going to study at? I will let you know soon, the most important thing is, The school is one of favourite schools in Batam.

Updating blog from Engku Putri

Hi friends, you know what? If you guys stay in Batam, have you ever heard about free wireless internet connections in Engku Putri Batam Center? Yes it’s just nearby Mayor office Batam Center. The free internet connection is supported by Pemko and Telkom Batam. If you want to have the service, just go and bring your own laptop, and please make sure that your laptop has w wireless modem inside. There are three free internet connections available there and you may choose one of them to connect. My father used to go there to update my blog, but since the wireless internet connection has already been installed at my home, My father seldom go there, and just update my blog from my home. I suggest you guys to go to engku putri and try the connection there. thank you very much for your kind attention.

Come to "Anju Net" Internet Cafe and enjoy the service

Hurrahs. It’s weekend today. Hihihi I am very happy at weekend time, you know why? Because my parents usually take me hanging out in Batam, especially to Malls or plazas. But from all, the most interesting place for me is only My Eldest sister of my mother’s “Internet Café” in Tanjung Piayu. For your information, My Maktua owns an Internet Café there. The name of the internet café is “ANJU NET”. Do you know where was the name of ANJU NET derived? It’s derived from the name of My Uncle’s son. He’s very handsome . Unfortunately My brother Anju does not stay here, but in Binjai together with my Grandfather and grandmother. I also like going to Tanjung Piayu because I have so many friends there, so I can play together with my friends. From all of my friends in Tanjung Piayu, there’s one boy who’s very naughty. He always runs after me and hits my back if I am catched. I do hate him, but I can do nothing as he’s bigger and taller than me. So if he disturbs me, I usually ask my Maktua to punch his head, hihihihihihi. By the way, I also like chatting and browsing from my Mak Tua Internet Café. The Internet connection speed is very fast. She applies for a 384kbps, and the internet charges is only 4000 per hour, so it’s really reasonable. For you guys who stay in Tanjung Piayu, you can give a try of the speed. Come to Anju Net and enjoy the service. I am sure that you will not regret to Browse and chat from Anju Net.

GKPI Church In Tanjung Piayu Batam

Hello friends, how are you doing all? you are all fine right? Well, if we are talking about a special day from monday to sunday, then i will choose, Sunday. Do you know why? Because Sunday is a very special day for Christiant people. We know together that all christiants in the world will go to Church to worship and praise the Holy Lord, and pray there as well. My parents and i usually go to GKPI Church in Tanjung Piayu. It's quite far actually from my house in Batam Center, but my parents are diligent parents and go to the church regularly. For me, it's a pleasure to accompany them to the church, because i also can meet my friends there. Though we cannot make so much noise in the Church, but we still can play. And i have to obey my parents not to talk louder in the Church, because they say my voice will disturb other people's concentration in listening to the priest speech.