Kamis, 19 Juli 2007

GKPI Church In Tanjung Piayu Batam

Hello friends, how are you doing all? you are all fine right? Well, if we are talking about a special day from monday to sunday, then i will choose, Sunday. Do you know why? Because Sunday is a very special day for Christiant people. We know together that all christiants in the world will go to Church to worship and praise the Holy Lord, and pray there as well. My parents and i usually go to GKPI Church in Tanjung Piayu. It's quite far actually from my house in Batam Center, but my parents are diligent parents and go to the church regularly. For me, it's a pleasure to accompany them to the church, because i also can meet my friends there. Though we cannot make so much noise in the Church, but we still can play. And i have to obey my parents not to talk louder in the Church, because they say my voice will disturb other people's concentration in listening to the priest speech.

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